Summer Hydration, Choose Carefully



Summer is upon us and it is getting hot out. It is important to be hydrated, but don’t be fooled by sport drinks or vitamin waters. Always read the ingredients on hydrating products as many contain sugar, chemicals and artificial colors. The best thing you can drink for hydration is plain old water. A good rule of thumb is to drink 1/2 your weight in ounces of water daily. If your diet contains a lot of fruits and vegetable you are getting water in those also. Drinks containing caffeine dehydrate you and should not be counted as water intake. It can be counterproductive to drink too much water too.

Water is not all just water either. Tap water contains fluoride and chlorine, both are not good for the human body. Filtered water is better, but I believe that natural spring water is the best. That brings us to bottled water, most bottled water is just filtered tap water and not worth the money you pay for it. A good filter on your tap is just as good. Also the bottled water is all in plastic, which is not good for you or the environment. We are lucky in Colorado to have a company that delivers natural spring water in 5 gallon glass bottles. Other states have them too and you can look that up on the internet.

My choice is the spring water that I put in a ¬†stainless steel water bottle. My dog also drinks this water and it is especially important if your pet has any urinary problems. So go out and enjoy this lovely weather and your favorite sports….but don’t forget the water for you, your children and your pets.

Submitted by Tricia @ Nutrition by Tricia


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