Spring Cleanse / Detoxifing

Foods for Detox

I am currently on day 20 of a 28 day cleanse. I take cleansing very seriously and believe that your body needs it! For me it has many components. Diet, supplements, mild exercise, hydrotherapy, massage, grounding, chiropractic adjustment, sweats and mental/emotional detoxing too. It is a time to pamper and love yourself just the way you are and let go of all that no longer serves you. It is not just about buying a box of supplements that say they will detox you, it is a process, a tuning into your body and helping it to do it’s best for you.
Yesterday I had a lymphatic drainage massage. Each time I do one of the adjunct therapies I feel so amazing it is hard to describe. Today I go for a sweat and a swim at the mineral pools. I do as I said mild exercise, swimming, tai chi, yoga, or walking in nature. Your body needs all it’s energy to detox so if you are a heavy exerciser take a break for a month.
Diet is my favorite part, being a nutritionist. I eat lots of vegetables,some fruits, nuts, seeds, fish, chicken, eggs and whole grains. I let go of coffee, sugar, wheat and dairy. I eat only organic foods and the meat and eggs must be pasture-raised and fed a natural, gmo-free diet. I drink alot of Eldorado Spring Water that I get in glass jars and avoid all plastic and toxic personal care products. The news, television and toxic friends go too. I just do my best with the toxic relative I have!
I do many different hydro-therapy practices including sweats, hot and cold and colon hydrotherapy. I walk in nature and practice grounding, breathing and meditation.
The supplements are the part that are tricky. It is very important to understand Phase 1 and Phase 2 liver detoxification and the supplemental needs for that. Liver support and antioxidants are also very important. I suggest you get a nutritionist or naturopathic doctor to help you with that. Do it with a good friend and cook for each other and most of all enjoy!
can help you with many of these therapies and My Remedy Shop with the supplements. Have a grateful Day!

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