On Death and Dying


I have a 91 year old Mother and Stepfather that I visited last week. As a nutritionist I have a lot to say about the condition of the two of them. I know everyone is different, but these two have had different paths their entire lives. My Mother ate well was active and never took prescription drugs, vaccinations, antibiotics or visited the doctor unless absolutely necessary. My stepfather has been in the medical world all his life, all the shots and antibiotics, surgeries and prescriptions. I cannot attest to how he ate, but I do know that he is totally immobile, has multitudes of diagnoses and is dying. He is 91 and has had a good long life, but quality of life is so important I feel the need to go into this further.

Mort (pictured above with me, my mother and my dog) has had multiple back and neck surgeries, and now can not move without excruciating pain. He cannot feed himself anymore as he can’t lift his arms or use his hands. Over the past few months he has been in the hospital several times and we thought we were going to lose him last time. He takes around 20 prescription drugs per day and as a result has had nausea and vomiting and no desire to eat. At the hospital they put him on a “liquid diet”. This consisted of popsicles! No healing broths with protein or liquefied vegetable juices….just sugar, chemical colors and what ever else is in popsicles. As a nutritionist I was horrified, but managed not to tell the hospital what I thought of their “liquid diet” Mort has suffered from gout for years and all the sugar made the painful condition spiral out of control.

He managed to rally and is back at the nursing home. In a few short months he has slipped into dementia and has terrible nightmares and delusional thoughts. They have put him on Hospice care and reduced the “life-prolonging” medications and he now is able to eat again (though I will not go into the food they give him there, it’s to distressing).

My thoughts to you are take care of yourself now, because the misery this man is in is pure HELL. Use the Chiropractor instead of surgery, use the proper supplementsĀ and herbs instead of prescription drugs, avoid the vaccinations and antibiotics to avoid all of these auto-immune diseases that are now quite common today. Visit our online store for healthy supplements @ My Remedy Shop.com.

Above all….EAT REAL FOOD! Eat fresh, organic, unprocessed fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, raw dairy and pastured meats. Limit your grains and never eat processed ones, as they turn to sugar in the body. All of the so called food today is causing you to suffer at some point and be obese, it is literally killing our children. Avoid sugar and chemicals at all costs! That’s my 2 cents!

Submitted by Tricia @ Nutrition by Tricia

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