Dig A Little Deeper

A friend of mine told me they found a brand of sour cream at the grocery store that was all “natural” and had no chemical additives. I wanted to say look a little deeper into the product but I did not. I have found it is best not to seem confrontational or judgmental with my truths about food.

I will however explain here what I mean about look a little deeper. First of all, was it organic? How did the cows live? Did the cows eat food that cows are supposed to eat? Are the cows given antibiotics and/or growth hormones? Those are a few good questions to consider.

Cows in factory farms are stuck in stalls all the time, eat grains (usually GMO and not digestible by cow stomachs) instead of grass and live in filthy, miserable conditions. Antibiotics must be given because of the unsanitary conditions the cows live in. Growth hormones are also given, to increase milk production (this is banned in the UK and Argentina). Hormones are also given as they must keep the cows pregnant all the time.

The cows were so sick and had so much pus and blood in their milk that the government had to make a law about how much of this was allowed in milk sold to us. (You can Google that if you don’t believe me). I know that’s gross, but true.

So your best bet is organic, but the cows in large organic farms still live in factory farm conditions. It is best to look for dairy products where the cows are pasture raised, live in a field where they can move around and graze on grass, like cows are supposed to. The absolute best would be products made from raw milk that are full of enzymes and probiotics lost in pasteurization.

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