Spring Cleanse-Media vs. Meditation

I am in the last week of my 28 day cleanse and I have one more point to make! Let go of the media (TV, newspapers, radio news, toxic environments and people). I found myself so much more relaxed from being off of caffeine, sugar and the “NEWS” that I was meditating with ease again. I was enjoying it and meditating longer and deeper without all of the anxiety of the world popping into my head or should I say pooping into my head…….

I have so much more energy, my hip is 100% better, I am back to Tai Chi and I lost 6 pounds in the first 3 weeks. So this week I am adding things back in slowly, the wheat, the dairy, my jasmine green tea. Mentally, physically and spiritually I feel renewed and highly recommend a spring cleanse every year!

Submitted by Tricia @ Nutrition by Tricia

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