Enlarged Prostate, symptoms and treatments

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Many men (in fact, over 80% or men 50 or older) suffer from prostate problems, which often come with lots of painful and embarrassing symptoms.  These symptoms frequently include having to urinate more often than usual, blood in the urine, blood in the semen, having difficulty urinating or experiencing pain when urinating, difficulty getting or maintaining an erection, pain when ejaculating, lower back pain, hip pain, upper thigh pain, not being able to urinate, or dribbling urine instead of having a steady stream.

The medical term for enlarged prostate is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). The prostate gland surrounds the urethra, the tube that carries urine from the bladder out of the body. As the prostate gets bigger, it may squeeze or partly block the urethra. Prostate problems, such as enlarged prostate, chronic or acute prostatitis, prostate cancer, and benign prostatic hyperplasia are most common in men over fifty years of age, so it is vital for men in this age group to have their prostate checked by a doctor on a regular basis.

If you do have one of these issues, a doctor can diagnose you and may be able to provide some help. In general, though, if you have a non-serious or non life-threatening issue, you will just be expected to live with the pain and discomfort, and that is the time to look into products available at My Remedy Shop! By choosing specialized supplements and vitamins as your approach to treatment, you can help to improve your whole body and your overall health, not just the prostate issue itself.

As part of the holistic approach, you will be expected to eat a healthy diet, get plenty of exercise, and life a clean lifestyle in general. When you combine that with a specially designed, all-natural product from the shop, your problem should improve greatly! One product we highly recommend is Beta Sitosterol. This is a natural supplement that has been proven, through extensive studies, to support healthy urine flow and improve other pain and issues associated with prostate difficulties.

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