Get in Your Quality Proteins with a Holistic Approach

100% Whey‚ Double Rich ChocolateAdding bulk—and we mean healthy muscle not fat—to your body requires you to up your protein intake while ingesting less fat and burning more of it. The problem is, however, that many people get their proteins in all the wrong ways and in all the wrong places. A bag of peanut butter candy, for example, might have lots of protein, but it’s also laden with fat! Many commercially packaged shakes and protein bars on the market are loaded with sugar and unnatural ingredients too. So, where do you go to get in quality proteins—proteins that will actually help, not hinder, you in reaching your fitness goals? The answer is My Remedy Shop!

The great thing about this shop, other than the fact that it provides a wide array of sources of quality proteins, is that it takes a holistic approach to nutrition and to your wellbeing. It asks you to consider your entire lifestyle for maximum results. That means you are expected not to just use products from the store, but to live the right way—eating a healthy, balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise, water, and sleep. These things are advised because a holistic approach makes any products that you use all the more effective.

One great quality proteins product that will work no matter what is the 100% Whey Gold DBL Choc 2.07LB powder. That’s a fancy name for a truly delicious chocolate-flavored powder supplement. You simply take a scoop of the powder, mix it into a yummy drink, and then guzzle your way to health. It’s like a treat and a treatment all in once!

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