Our bodies have a delicate eco-system just as does the planet we live on. We need to keep our inner eco-system in balance. Our inner system is inhabited by microorganisms that play an important role in keeping us healthy. Just as we are destroying the earth’s ecological balance with pesticides and chemicals, we are in like destroying our inner ecosystem. The chemicals that we add to our food, fast food, stress, pharmaceutical drugs (especially antibiotics and hormones) all contribute to an unbalanced state. The friendly microorganisms that reside inside of us strengthen the immune system and help the body to defend against “unfriendly” bacteria and pathogens that cause disease.

By eating a high sugar, acid forming, low mineral diet, one of the most common types of unfriendly organisms, Candida Albicans, is thriving in and on our body. Candida is a pathogenic yeast or fungus that has been linked to food allergies, digestive disorders, PMS, skin rashes, chronic constipation, recurring headaches, chronic vaginitis, chemical and environmental sensitivities, poor memory, mental fuzziness, and loss of sex drive. It can be associated with chronic fatigue, cancer, AIDS, Epstein-Barr virus, bronchitis, pneumonia, and immune system deficiencies. It is estimated that one in three people have Candida. Candida is a single cell organism that reproduces asexually and thrives on some of the bodies’ by-products: dead skin tissues and sugars from foods. To reverse the overgrowth of Candida, we must restore an inner environment that prevents Candida from taking over.

Due to the overuse of antibiotics and pesticides many bacteria have become resistant and are hard to eliminate. The antibiotics also kill the “friendly” bacteria that fend off the “unfriendly” bacteria. This is why it is always important to take probiotics when using antibiotics, they reestablish the “friendly” bacteria needed for balance. Probiotics keep a healthy environment that prevents Candida from taking hold. To reverse this unbalance we must do two things. First cleanse the colon, kill off the bad yeast and other parasitic organisms by creating a mineral rich, slightly alkaline blood, and secondly recolonize the friendly bacteria and restore digestion. This will reestablish your immune system  to proper balance and create an environment for healthy bacteria to live.

Once you have reduced the yeast, cleansed the colon, and restored your inner ecology, you may want to go farther and help your liver to do it’s amazing job of filtering toxins from your body. This in turn will enhance your immune system. By cleansing your liver and eating right you can reduce the stress of overloading it to a point of not functioning well. To reduce the yeast you will want to adopt a healthy, whole food diet, free from chemicals, additives and GMO’s, eating organic foods as much as possible. Next take a look at your body care products and household cleaning products to make sure they are natural and free from harmful chemicals. You can email me for suggestions on diet

You may experience some cravings when starting out. That is natural, and the biggest one will probably be for sugar. Sugar is the main contributor to Candida. You need to keep in mind that grains and alcohol are metabolized as sugar when you address your diet. You will be experiencing new foods and leaving some favorites behind and change is always difficult at first. Being excited about the change and feeling better will be a great incentive for letting go of the foods that are no longer serving you. It will take some courage and willpower to stay on the diet, just know that in the end you will be glad you stuck with it. There are some natural sweeteners such as stevia, which do not feed your yeast overgrowth, to help you along the way. Don’t beat up on yourself if you slip. Just accept that you are human and go on from there.

You may want to start juicing right away knowing of the benefits of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes in fresh juice. It is a good idea to wait for about three months, as juicing can magnify your symptoms if you start too soon. Once you have detoxified your colon and your yeast is under control, you can begin to juice carefully.

Food combing is also an important aspect of this diet. Eating foods that are not compatible in the stomach causes fermentation. This fermentation produces alcohol and sugars that feed the yeast. Proper food combining will enhance digestion and the digestive tract. You can Google food combing for more information on this.

There are many natural anti-fungal plants, herbs and other entities that can help in killing off the Candida. Pau d’arco, Calendula Offcinalis, Oil of Oregano, Oregon Grape Root, Malic Acid, Caprylic Acid, garlic, colostrums, lactoferrin and homeopathic remedies. Health food stores carry these products and have combined products specifically for fighting Candida.

You can create the ideal internal eco-system for optimum health and wellness starting today. Feel great, reduce fatigue and have a clear mind soon. Dr. Dave can help you to start this journey, make anappointment oday!




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