Why Take Supplements?

Can’t one get the proper vitamins and minerals from food? Well yes in a perfect world. If one could be guaranteed that the soil their food was grown in was sufficient, the food that they ate was very diverse and you ate only healthy, fresh food three meals a day prepared by you so you knew what was in them, maybe you could………but is that realistic? Some conditions require high amounts of nutrients to heal and you couldn’t eat enough food to get that amount. There are so many nutrients that the body needs in this day and age of chronic disease.
Vitamin D
Sports Medicine and supplementation have come a long way to providing exactly what athletes, body builders and everyday exercisers need. What most people need more of is time and in our busy world supplementation may be just what the doctor ordered. I am not saying don’t eat healthy meals with good ingredients, but I am saying our bodies can use some help when that is not always the norm.
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Submitted by Tricia @  Nutrition by Tricia

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