Why Is The Media Discouraging The Use Of Supplements

Very simple,Big Pharma wants to make all the money! The FDA and Big Pharma are on a campaign to make supplements available only by prescription, thus making all the money!

Have you noticed how many times on news cast they tell you how ineffective a certain supplement is or how it could even cause you harm. There is a big move on to discredit supplements so the FDA and Big Pharma can control them.

For years now bills have been brought before congress in different forms to make nutritional supplements inaccessible. Byron J Richards, a  Certified Clinical Nutritionist writes:

” This legislation may drastically reduce the availability of therapeutic supplements by linking them with adverse effects actually caused by drugs. True, health food stores are not likely to close. They will keep selling the lower quality Big Pharma brands, like One-A-Day (Bayer) and Centrum (Wyeth). About 80% of the supplement market is not really concerned about your health; this includes big box stores, most network marketing companies, drug stores, super markets, and internet fly-by-night operations. Big Pharma knows these brands pose no competition to their monopolistic drug cartel. Rather, Big Pharma wants all effective nutrition off the market – the really great products that fix diabetes, resolve depression, prevent heart disease, enable weight loss, fix fibromyalgia, and help a person survive cancer and cancer treatment. Big Pharma wants a sick America and will do anything to keep people in poor health and on multiple toxic drugs.”

In our current political climate this will certainly ramp up and become a major concern for the natural and alternative health care industry.

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Submitted by Tricia @ Nutrition by Tricia

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