Stress….Let It Go….. The Holidays!!!!!!

I wrote this post a year ago and for some unknown reason never published it. So I have been saving it till the holidays came around again!

The holidays are upon us and I know all too well the stress that comes along with that. I had an added stress this year, my stepfather passed away right after Thanksgiving. If you have been following my blogs I have been writing about related aspects for the last few months. My Stepfather was ninety-one and had more than his fair share of pain and suffering over the last year. It was a blessing for him to pass, but that doesn’t alleviate the stress that came along with helping my ninety- one year old Mother through this.

The holidays have a stress of their own to go along with that and I will say I have had a rough year. My Stepfather’s condition, the elections, and now the holiday’s have brought back some old unwanted ways of thinking and habits.

I am doing better since the funeral and made peace with my family and myself. We can remember what’s important and what is not. Being at peace with myself, being my true nature and living with love, kindness, compassion, empathy and generosity are what’s real to me. I have come full circle with old stuff that came up and now I am healing. Living in the present moment aware of my thoughts words and actions, honoring myself and taking care of myself are what’s important now……so I say let it go and be healed, whole and healthy…mentally, physically and spiritually. Life is too beautiful to miss out on joy!

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