Safe Tanning is Part of Holistic Wellness!

A lot of people claim to practice holistic wellness. They watch their diet, eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water. They get regular exercise and don’t engage in poor health habits like smoking or excess alcohol consumption. Oftentimes, however, these people—the same people who are adamant about taking such good care of themselves—don’t practice safety in the sun. Everyone wants a beautiful tan, and sometimes even the most health-conscious people will risk their health for just that. The sad thing is that they don’t have to. There are many safe tanning products that fit in with the holistic wellness approach to life. You just have to know where to find them.

My Remedy Shop is that place. You can find a variety of safe tanning products to help you get that gorgeous glow without turning your skin to leather or risking skin cancer. For example, we love the Studio Tan Bronzer. It’s a basic lotion bronzer that you simply apply to the body. It goes on evenly, so you won’t end up a streaky mess! Instead, you’ll have natural, radiant color. There’s no need to wait around either; your tan appears instantly and, when you’re ready to get rid of it, washes off right away.

There are lots of other awesome tanning products available too! You can use many of them together, mixing and matching to create your perfect tan look. There is make-up to help give your face a natural glow, a variety of creams and lotions, and even special goggles to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays—they need protection too! So get tan the safe way this summer; your skin will thank you.

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