Probiotics Why we need them

A breakthrough study has revealed for the first time that probiotic bacteria appear to affect gene activity and cellular reactions in the human intestine.
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“Consumption of a dairy drink containing three strains of probiotic bacteria was associated with changes in the activity of hundreds of genes, with the changes resembling the effects of certain medicines in the human body, including medicines that positively influence the immune system and those for lowering blood pressure.”
Probiotics cause a local reaction in the mucosa of the small intestines,” said Prof Michiel Kleerebezem of NIZO food research. “These effects are similar to the effects of components that the pharmaceutical industry applies to medicines, but less strong.”
Probiotic bacteria, which are living microorganisms that have beneficial effects on human health, have mostly been studied as treatments for different gastrointestinal diseases and allergies. However, not much is known about what kind of effects they have on the immune system in healthy adults.
A new study shows that probiotics can modulate immune responses via your gut‘s mucosal immune system.
It was found that probiotics have an anti-inflammatory potential. They caused a decrease in serum CRP levels, and a reduction in the bacteria-induced production of proinflammatory cytokines.
Probiotics may help with many facets of our health. Gene expression, weight management, immune function, depression, allergies, brain function and much more. I believe that keeping our digestive system healthy is critical for over all heath and wellness. The photograph shows many foods that can be eaten for their probiotic content, and it can also be supplemented. Start your children on probiotics because the current foods, antibiotics and vaccinations are what are harming our digestive systems and immune systems and this is one way to counteract all of that.
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