Lose Weight in a Healthy Way


It is summertime again and everyone wants to look their best in shall we say “less clothing” to cover up what we wish we didn’t have! It is easy to get sucked into all the ads for the magic pill, photos of pasta, pizza, ice cream box meals that say “you can still eat what you love”. The fact is that you can eat healthy foods and feel great without eating boxes of chemicals that will only harm you in the end. There is no magic pill, diet and exercise still work the best. I have some recommendations that will help.

1. Cut your stress levels. Yoga, meditation, hiking or just walking around the block help to lower adrenal burnout and cortisol levels, key to being able to lose weight.
2. Eat low carb, cut out all processed foods, yes bread and pasta are processed foods! Get your carbs from vegetables only and let the grains go for a while.
3. Eat protein and healthy fats. Avocado, nuts, seeds, eggs and coconut oil will actually help you lose weight and keep you feeling satisfied and your brain working! Lean meats and fish and some whey protein keep your muscles from atrophying in weight loss.
4. Of coarse sugar, high fructose corn sweeteners must go too. Get your glucose from whole fruits only, not fruit juices. The fiber in the whole fruit cuts down on the sugar spikes to your blood stream.
5. Intermittent fasting is great. Eat only in an 8 hour span and this will help your body burn fat not glucose. You don’t have to struggle with a juice fast that is hard to keep up.
6. Exercise in a way that you enjoy. Not forcing yourself to do something you don’t enjoy will make weight loss much easier.
7. Treat yourself to a massage, a chiropractic adjustment or some energy work instead of a forbidden food to reward yourself for a job well done.
8. Love yourself just the way you are. A positive attitude and being grateful for who you are now goes a long way to helping to lose weight!

What to eat you say? Have some fruit for breakfast with a handful of nuts. Eat a salad with some meat, fish or a hard boiled egg for lunch. Have a nice lean piece of meat or fish and some steamed or stir-fry veges for dinner. Scrambled eggs with lots of colorful veges is a favorite of mine. Take a daily multi-vitamin and some fish oil. I guarantee you will feel great, satisfied and have an abundance of energy not to mention lessen your cravings for unhealthy foods by eating this way.

Submitted by Tricia @ Nutrition by Tricia

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