How To Build A Healthy Immune System In Your Child

 Last time I talked about the pitfalls of having a healthy immune system in our society, and my concerns about the children of today. So how do you have a child with a healthy and fully functional immune system? It may be harder than you think!

Both parents need to start a year before getting pregnant. They need to detoxify, give up their bad habits, eat properly, remove all toxic cleaning and laundry products from their lives and use only natural body care and make-up products. Avoid all prescription drugs (especially antibiotics and antidepressants), vaccinations and OTC medicines. In addition limit EMF exposure and get adequate exercise and sleep. Be an aware consumer, did you know that most clothing, carpet and furniture contain flame retardants that are very harmful to you and your child?

An organic diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, grassfed and non-factory farmed animals are also important in the diet. Chose your supplements with care. Get out in nature as much as possible!

Have a home birth so you baby is not forced to have all of the harmful medical and pharmaceutical protocols they do today. Once the baby arrives you want to continue all those recommendations for yourself and the child. Breastfeed for 6 months to a year. Avoid all the vaccinations, antibiotics and OTC products that you can.

Then comes the tricky part, you will want to consider home schooling. You can not enroll your child in school without vaccinations easily these days. My father (a Chiropractor and Naturopathic Doctor) used to just writ nil across the forms the school sent, but that was 60 years ago.

I am sure I missed a lot but I think you get the idea. Find a good Naturopathic Doctor and Chiropractor for you and your child.

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