Healing Naturally- Without Antibiotics

DSCN2208I have been talking about the immune system a lot lately. So now I have a personal story to tell. My puppy and I were out walking this week and we were attacked by a vicious, stray dog. I managed to fend off the dog and get my puppy up in my arms, unharmed. I however had puncture wounds to my knee (shown above), left wrist and right hand. I spent 3 hours in the emergency room. I was given a prescription for antibiotics, which I did not use. I have been working on my immune system for years and realize just how strong it is now. My wounds are healing well and amazingly fast for as deep as the bites were. I used oil of oregano, ate extra honey and coconut oil, and took fermented garlic.

The health of the immune system starts in the gut. By eating whole, fresh organic foods, bone broth, fermented vegetables, raw milk kefir and fresh spring water to drink, I create an environment conducive to a healthy gut. I make sure not to consume any chemicals or put them on my skin, I don’t eat processed, junk or fast food and rarely eat at restaurants. Another key factor is I do not compromise my immune system with vaccinations, antibiotics, hand sanitizers or antibacterial sprays and wipes.

I stretch and exercise daily (swimming, tai chi and hiking) and get plenty of fresh air walking my puppy for at least an hour a day. I meditate and visit my chiropractor Dr. Dave. For me as a nutritionist food is key. You can check out immune support supplements at My Remedy Shop.

I am so grateful and gratified to have living proof of my amazing immune system. The human body is truly wonderful and can heal itself under the right conditions.

Submitted by Tricia @ Nutrition by Tricia

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