Happy Mother’s Day and Blood Sugar

Taking care of ourselves is often the last thing we think of. It is said that American’s take better care of their automobiles than their bodies. Would you get your car’s oil changed and let the massage go if you had too many things on your to do list? I had an adjustment (Dr. Dave IS the best and I know because I was raised by a Chiropractor) and massage yesterday at Win Institute’s new office in Glenwood Springs. I cannot believe how fabulous I feel this morning. Dr. Dave noticed I needed some lymphatic drainage massage and he was exactly right. So remember to take care of yourself, your children and your Mother this weekend.

I am meeting with four generations this weekend. My Mother is 90 and we are all going to help her with her garden for Mother’s Day. I am providing the food, my niece and her children (5 & 7) are helping in the garden and we are planning a healthy celebration of life this year. Exercise, good healthy food and companionship of family working and helping together is just what the Doctor ordered. I don’t eat any processed foods so I am making this watermelon cake for dessert. Very easy to do and the only sugar comes from whole fruit. If you are diabetic or concerned about your blood sugar you will want to eat fruit whole only. The fiber and seeds in the fruit slow down the metabolism of blood sugar. Adding cinnamon to the frosting will also help regulate blood sugar. I know how good we will all feel after the day we have planned.


Submitted by Tricia @ Nutrition by Tricia

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