Glutamine- The often overlooked essential amino acid that can pass the blood brain barrier

     Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid, and is the third most
abundant amino acid in the blood and brain. Glutamine is an inhibitory
neurotransmitter that acts as a precurser for GABA. Glutamine can cross the
blood brain-barrier and increases energy and mental alertness. It helps the
brain dispose of waste ammonia, this is very important because ammonia
irritates the brain even at low levels. Glutamine is linked to the most important
functions of the body’s vital organs and musculoskeletal system. Glutamine
assists in muscle development when illness causes wasting. Glutamine also
provides a major alternative fuel source for a brain with low blood sugar
levels. Glutamines most important function is to strengthen the immune system.
It also aids other immune cells, in killing bacteria, healing wounds and
maintaining and supporting glutathione, an important antioxidant. Glutathione however does not pass the blood brain barrier, so taking Glutamine helps you to make Glutathione. Glutamine
supports pancreatic growth and an important nutrient for the intestinal tract.
When ill the body uses more glutamine to help repair tissue in the kidneys,
intestines and liver. Glutamine has many healing qualities and supplementation
during cancer treatment helps the effectiveness of chemotherapy and increases
tumor kill-off. It also helps the body to resist the effects of radiation.
Glutamine helps clear the body of waste through the kidneys and liver. Glutamine is used by atheletes to enhance muscle metaboilism. Glutamine is recommended for those who will undergo surgery, to be taken
before, during and after.
Submitted by Tricia @ Nutrition by Tricia

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