Gardening Is Good For You!


Today is the first day of spring, the bulbs are peeking up and blooming, the grass is greening and it is time to go out and play in the dirt! Not only will you connect with Mother Earth but you will get the goodness of Grandfather Sun……have I mentioned lately that I believe the sunshine is good for you and should not be feared.

There is a lot of evidence, most anecdotal, some scientific, about how gardeners live up to 14 years longer than non-gardeners. That’s a pretty impressive life extension and it certainly warrants further research. Certainly, there are many factors involved, but I think there are some key things that gardeners do that could contribute to longer life:

1. Get Enough Vitamin D

2. Play In the Dirt

3. Getting Grounded

4. Stress Relief

5. They Eat Vegetables

6. They Exercise

Nothing is more rewarding than raking, digging, planting and watching your garden grow. Don’t over-do it and a visit to the Chiropractor first can get your bones, back and joints ready for the fun.

Submitted by Tricia @ Nutrition by Tricia





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