Dr. Dave: Recommended Weight Loss Program

Dr. Dave recommends this program for your health and nutrition…

This is not a diet. It’s simple…just pair the proper foods together and avoid processed food with synthetics. Burn fat as a fuel;  what you eat, when you eat, how you pair foods, how and when you exercise, coupled with amazing supplements and a detox product get amazing and lasting results. Eat real whole food at each meal and you will not feel hungry.You can still eat meat and certain grains at certain times, (limit them a bit). You will not feel hungry, eat diet foods or meal replacement shakes. This is the most user-friendly and comprehensive weight loss program.

  • We individually customize your program.
  • Burning fat as fuel, will shed weight and increase energy.
  • Get your system flowing.


  • Our detox ‘Foot bath’ flushes your lymph system so the body and heart runs more efficiently.
  •  We have scoured the globe to bring you the most effective and clean supplements with nothing artificial, that boost your metabolism.
  • Kickstart your system to eliminate parasites and waste.
  • Drink alkaline water from our recommended water bottle.


Learn how to do simple 20 minutes workouts to jump start fat burning.


Enjoy a big night out for dinner each week to celebrate your new lifestyle.

Eat, Drink, Sweat and Thrive. It Really Works.

“I never felt HANGRY (hunger and angry). I shed the pounds and love the results. ”

— Angela T. – Newport Beach, CA

More Information at www.BlissIntake.com

This article is from www.bliss.com and was compiled for Dr. Dave by Larry Heinrichs

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