Detoxification-Experience Energy and Vitality Again

Every day we are exposed to toxins, toxins in our foods, toxins in our air and environment. Our body cannot rid itself of the overwhelming amount of these toxins we experience in the world today. They tend to build-up day after day and eventually make us sick. The degenerative, chronic diseases that Americans take for granted today can be prevented in many cases. Cancer, inflammatory diseases and cardiovascular disease can be a result of the toxic conditions that the human body has had to live with in increasing severity in these modern times. Toxins accumulate in the mucus that covers the membranes of internal organs to moisten and protect them. Mucus is necessary to some degree, however it is unnecessary and even harmful, when produced in excess. As more toxins are stored in the mucus, more mucus is produced to harbor more toxins. This is an endless cycle and if actions are not taken to purge the body of these toxins, they have a poisonous effect on tissues and cause antibody reactions. The quality of life and longevity show a direct correlation to periodically removing these toxins from our bodies. Eventually the whole body system will begin to breakdown and malfunction if the toxins are allowed to build-up.

I believe it is important to detoxify the body seasonally, every three to four months. There are many methods of detoxifying from buying a bottle of pills, and continuing to eat the same unhealthy diet (a method I do not recommend), to going to a safe controlled environment where food and therapies are provided for your individual needs. In between there are processes you can go through at home to successfully detoxify the toxins from your cells. You will not only see differences in your energy and vitality, you will see improvement in your skin, digestion, mental clarity and so many more areas of your being.


A holistic nutritionist should work with you personally to decide what kind of detox you will do, how long it will be, and how it can fit it into your life. There would be some diet restrictions and a list of healthful foods and recipes to enjoy.  Some supplements would be recommended to support you while engaging in this detox process. You would discuss exercise and water consumption. You should also talk about elimination, as this is a very important part of this process. It will not do any good to stir up all these toxins if they do not exit the body quickly, and are allowed to remain inside. There are many supportive alternative therapies that can be helpful to you and you should talk about these too. Chiropractic adjustment, massage and hydro-colon therapy are a few.

Some people experience some symptoms while detoxifying. This is different for every individual. Some may not feel much different and some may experience, headaches, fatigue and even flu-like symptoms. It is very important to make sure you do not become constipated during this process. You may have some emotional things come up and I recommend journaling your experiences every day, sensing how you feel physically and emotionally.

I hope you will plan a nurturing, restful, rejuvenating time for you to take care of yourself. A time for you to let go of the world and all it’s stresses and toxins. This journey is a pleasure and I promise you will feel the difference!


Submitted by Tricia @ Nutrition by Tricia


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