Depression and Thanksgiving

gratitude-happiness-2Thanksgiving week is upon us. For many it is a happy time of family and friends getting together, but for many it can be a difficult time of year. Those suffering from depression, feeling alone and unappreciated, the family gatherings can be an unpleasant experience. I believe that these feelings can be addressed naturally mentally and physically. I think Dr. Dave sums it up beautifully in this comment “The bodies brain is a complex organ that needs plenty of support both nutritionally and spiritually.  Spirituality in general is a big part in solving depression.  Although depression amoung humans is pretty common, there is always a nutrient and vitamin that will support the nervous system as well as chiropractic and acupuncture.  Exercise and sunlight are two of the key principle to warding off depression cycles with many people.” For many years I took pain pills and muscle relaxers, Xanax and basically anything I could get because I thought I was depressed. I realized in rehab that I was depressed because I was self medicating myself with so many chemicals that destroyed my neurotransmitters and ability to feel a sense of well being and happiness. My recovery was a spiritual path for sure, but also a lot of work on getting my neural pathways back to normal.

For some solving depression can be as simple as getting enough sleep, sunlight and proper nutrition. Others may need to address an addiction, stress or fears, guilt or shame stored in the body. Finding the right natural practitioner makes all the difference in finding and solving these problems. For many just living in society as it is today is difficult. Dr. Dave wrote a wonderful book addressing this titled “The Thrival Theory“. It is possible to be happy and healthy and a great place to start is with gratitude.

Have a grateful day !

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