Weight Loss

Feeling Bloated?

The holidays are great but they do take a toll on us. I for one enjoy all the goodies and enjoy myself! After all I have all year to eat consciously, a little indulgence is fine with me. As a…Continue Reading →

Lose Weight in a Healthy Way

  It is summertime again and everyone wants to look their best in shall we say “less clothing” to cover up what we wish we didn’t have! It is easy to get sucked into all the ads for the magic…Continue Reading →

Gene Expression

GENES: ARE WE DOOMED BY THEM? We are all born with a certain set of genes, passed down through the decades. Our DNA is set at conception and we can do nothing to change that. Grandmother may have had diabetes, and…Continue Reading →

Understanding Your Fitness Needs

A person cannot understand his or her fitness needs without first knowing his or her fitness goals. If you are someone who has recently committed yourself to a lifestyle conducive to health and healing, then you must realize this. Most…Continue Reading →