Blood Facts

Ph Balance

  Ph; A MATTER OF LIFE…………………………..     To ensure homeostasis, the intracellular and extra cellular fluids must contain almost balanced quantities of acid and alkaline. The chemical reactions that take place in the body are very sensitive to the…Continue Reading →

Regulating Blood Sugar

SYNDROME X You are probably saying to yourself “What the heck is Syndrome X?” Is this some new-age made up disease to try and get me to spend more money on medications and tests that I don’t need. You are…Continue Reading →

Healthy Blood = A Healthy You!

Using natural blood support products is an important part of any holistic wellness routine. While everyone should be working towards a healthy body and a healthy circulatory system, those who are experiencing the symptoms of poor blood circulation need to…Continue Reading →

Blood Related Health Issues

Many people today suffer from blood related health issues, a large chunk of them without even realizing it. The sad thing is that these problems can often be prevented by using the right blood support products and practicing good holistic…Continue Reading →

Purify your Body with Blood Support Products

Blood is the stuff of life! It runs through your body and helps to maintain your system. However, certain things can slow down your circulation and negatively affect the health of your blood. Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, living in a…Continue Reading →