Blood Pressure The Natural Way

Blood-Pressure-ManagementDid you know that often people get a false reading of their blood pressure in the doctor’s office? This is called White coat hypertension. It is defined as a syndrome whereby a patient’s feeling of anxiety in a medical environment results in an abnormally high reading when their blood pressure is measured. That sounds reasonable to me as I get rather anxious when I go to the doctor. Often you might be prescribed medications to lower your blood pressure when you really don’t need them. It is best to check your blood pressure yourself in a relaxed atmosphere for a while to make sure the original reading was accurate. You might also try some natural methods of lowering blood pressure if necessary. Diet and exercise along with some natural supplements might just do the trick without risking the side effects of pharmaceutical blood pressure medications.

A diet high in sugar and grains can increase blood pressure and foods rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium can lower your blood pressure. Peas, celery, green beans, papaya, yogurt, kiwi, tomatoes, blueberries, spinach, avocado, cantaloupe, prunes, asparagus and carrots can help you to lower your blood pressure. Salmon can help to optimize omega ratios and that will help also. Even dark chocolate and probiotics can be beneficial.

Exercise and sleep are also key in maintaining normal blood pressure. Hip to waist ratio and insulin resistance can be indicators of a blood pressure abnormality. Some supplements can be quite crucial in lowering blood pressure. Garlic, magnesium, CoQ10, potassium, iron and vitamin E are readily available at our online store,My Remedy Our site is currently under maintenance to make it even better for you so check back mid December for our latest articles and supplements.

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