Auto-immune System


Auto-immune disorders have become more prevalent in our society since we introduced antibiotics, vaccines, processed foods, fast foods, junk foods full of sugar and moved away from eating healthy whole foods. Our digestive systems cannot deal with all this and as a result we have experienced a shift to our body attacking itself in it’s confusion over what is in our systems. The integrity of our intestinal walls has been severely compromised by all that I mentioned above and thus has become permeable. This allows toxins that should be excreted to go back into our systems and thus the confusion that allows our own body to attack itself, creating auto-immune disorders. These disorders did not exist many years ago when we ate a more traditional diet, didn’t have antibiotics and vaccinations and lived a more healthy lifestyle with movement and less stress.
We can go a long way to prevent this from happening to us. Healing the gut is not an easy job and it does take time, but we can do it. There is a diet named GAPS that does just that. It is not easy to follow but the end results are worth it in my opinion. Once you have healed your gut and continue to eat real food, adjust your lifestyle you will not need vaccinations and antibiotics as your immune system will be able to do it’s job properly and keep you healthy. The antibiotic and vaccine cycle is a vicious circle that keeps you from realizing the potential of how well your body can heal itself when given the right conditions.
Even if you aren’t able to try the GAPS diet there are many things you can do to maintain a healthy digestive system. Eat whole fresh organic foods, limit grains and when you do eat them soak them first with a little apple cider vinegar overnight. This removes the phytic acid and makes them more digestible, and increases the availability for mineral absorption. Many of us are mineral deficient these days due to the depleted soils that our vegetables are grown in and we need our minerals. Exercise, reduce stress, and avoid over the counter and prescription medicines. Lymphatic drainage massage is also helpful as it will remove toxins from the body. Keeping your body “tuned up” with Chiropractic adjustment is also very important. Hydrotherapy is great for shocking the immune system and getting it back on track. After a nice hot shower turn the water as cold as you can stand and let it flow all over you as long as you can. Multi-vitamins, probiotics and antioxidants are necessary and immune enhancing herbs a must. Bone broth and shitake or maitake mushrooms are also very good for building the immune system.
Submitted by Tricia @ Nutrition by Tricia

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