Your Joints Need Love Too!

jointsPeople usually think about taking care of the organs and muscles with diet, exercise and supplements, but many don’t consider the joints until they feel pain in them.¬†The human body is held together by different types of joints. A joint is where two bones meet, held together with ligaments. Joints allow us to be flexible by lubricating our bones to provide movement without friction. Joints are lubricated with hyaluronic acid and synovial fluid, which allow the bones to move easily. These bones are constantly being used in everyday activities, which makes them more prone to injuries and diseases. Most people face problems with joints as they get older. The bones start to get weaker making joint pain a common issue among the older generation. Although, most adults also face this issue from time to time. Especially for individuals who are physically active or have jobs that are labor intensive. Heavy lifting and strenuous exercise can have a debilitating affect on the joints. Injuries can also cause joint pain because the joints are all connected, a single fracture can cause strain on the joints. Diseases such as arthritis, bursitis and osteomyelitis can also cause extreme pain in the joints. Pain can be experienced anywhere in the body, most people experience pain in their wrists, knees, shoulders and back. These ligaments are constantly being used which can cause the joints to deteriorate much faster.

Taking care of our joints is important! A healthy diet is as important as exercise. Did you know that sugar and coffee are extremely hard on the joints. Fried and processed foods, alcohol and tobacco along with chemicals and preservatives in your food also hurt the joints. All of these cause inflammation and inflammation is what causes most joint problems. One food that causes inflammation that most people are not aware of are oils high in omega 6 fatty acids. Corn oil,canola oil and vegetable oils are not as healthy as they are made out to be. Olive oil and coconut oil are better choices. Eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables can be quite helpful in reducing inflammation.

Stretching, swimming, Tai Chi and Chi-Gung are great for moving your joints gently. For some, especially older people, jogging, biking and heavy weight lifting are too much for the joints. If you have joint pain some supplements can help.Check out our joint care products on My Remedy Look at your diet and exercise program to see if you can give some extra love to your joints!

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