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Probiotics Why we need them

A breakthrough study has revealed for the first time that probiotic bacteria appear to affect gene activity and cellular reactions in the human intestine. According to “Consumption of a dairy drink containing three strains of probiotic bacteria was associated…Continue Reading →

Why Take Supplements?

Can’t one get the proper vitamins and minerals from food? Well yes in a perfect world. If one could be guaranteed that the soil their food was grown in was sufficient, the food that they ate was very diverse and…Continue Reading →

Intestinal Health

   Science is now beginning to realize just how important it is to maintain a healthy intestinal tract. Many of the chronic diseases prevalent today can be prevented by simply having a healthy gut. Traditional Chinese Medicine has stated for…Continue Reading →

Auto-immune System

  Auto-immune disorders have become more prevalent in our society since we introduced antibiotics, vaccines, processed foods, fast foods, junk foods full of sugar and moved away from eating healthy whole foods. Our digestive systems cannot deal with all this…Continue Reading →