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Amino acids, protein and neurotransmitters are important for a sense of well being

NEUROTRANSMITTERS ARE THE BRAIN LINK TO SMOOTH BRAIN FUNCTION WHAT ARE NEUROTRANSMITTERS? NEUROTRANSMITTERS: Chemicals that are released at the end of a nerve cell when a nerve impulse arrives there. They diffuse across the gap to the next cell and…Continue Reading →

Depression and Food

 FOODS THAT AFFECT MOOD What you eat can have a tremendous affect on your moods. There are foods that support a healthy body and provide the nutrients necessary for healthy brain chemistry and brain function. There are also foods that are so…Continue Reading →

Neurological Health

When you’re in poor neurological health, you are not the best version of you that you can be. You might suffer from memory problems, an inability to concentrate, bouts of depression, fatigue, and many other issues. The worst thing about…Continue Reading →