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man-writing-quality-assurance-and-associated-words We all like to think we choose the best for ourselves and our families. Do you look as hard at the quality of your vitamins as you would for say the purchase of a car? Many stores carry vitamins and the convenience of just grabbing them at the grocery store is a temptation. The fact is that not all vitamins are created equal. Reading a label carefully and understanding what the label means is important when purchasing any product — especially vitamins. Some supplements don’t even contain what’s listed on the label. The standards under which a vitamin or mineral is manufactured vary greatly from one company to another. Most companies don’t even manufacture their own product and just relabel someone else’s formula and call it their own. Quality is the biggest factor in whether a supplement is absorbed and utilized by the body.

Natural verses synthetic:

The word natural can, unfortunately, sometimes be misleading. In the case of vitamin E, a manufacturer can use a blend of 10% natural vitamin E and 90% synthetic vitamin E and still label the product natural vitamin E. Using synthetic vitamin E, which is 40% cheaper, a manufacturer can greatly reduce the quality of a product to reduce his manufacturing cost.

To protect the consumer, a manufacturer should properly list the chemical name in the contents description. Natural vitamin E should be labeled ‘d-tocopherol’ and synthetic should be labeled ‘dl-tocopherol.’  Natural vitamins have been regarded as having a 36% higher potency rate compared with their synthetic counterpart. Studies involving human subjects show that natural vitamin E is probably twice as effective as synthetic vitamin E. Dr. Dave’s vitamin E is one of the most bio-available products around, . Alphatocopherol is the most biologically active form of vitamin E, and its natural form consists of one isomer.

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