Protein- No Matter Where You Get It, Quality Is What’s Important

proteinWhether you are a meat eater, vegetarian of some sort or vegan the quality of the protein , how it is raised or grown and the processing and preparation is what’s important. Factory farmed animals and chemical laced grains will do you more harm than good. There was a recent article about processed meats being as bad for you as cigarettes, carcinogenic food. They portrayed bacon as an evil, but did you know it is possible to buy bacon without the nitrates (preservatives) and made from healthy pigs who live outside freely running around and eating what pigs are supposed to eat. The one size fits all of modern nutrition is very misleading.

Wheat which previously was a good way to get fiber and protein has become a very unhealthy product and is now causing many problems. Wheat that is grown with chemical fertilizers and pesticides is not the same product it was 50 years ago. Recently the wheat farmers have discovered by dousing the wheat with extra pesticides makes the wheat kernels come off the plant much easier, so you are eating a double or even triple amount of pesticides.

Dairy cows are so unhealthy now that the government had to make a law that only so much blood and pus is allowed in the milk that you drink and the milk from these sick animals does need to be pasteurized because it is full of harmful bacteria. Unfortunately all of the nutrition and enzymes are gone and it is more harmful than beneficial to drink regular milk bought in the store. Even organic milk still has to be pasteurized and is a little better than regular but you still miss out on the nutrition. Only raw milk from healthy cows that are pasture raised and grass fed is beneficial to the human body.

Grains have something called phytic acid that helps to preserve the grain. For them to be digestible they must be soaked over night in an acidic medium (lemon, whey or apple cider vinegar and water) to get rid of the phytic acid. This is another reason for the digestive problems many are experiencing now.

I am sure you have all seen videos of factory farmed animals, how sick and mistreated they are. They are fed diets that are not native to them and filled with hormones and antibiotics all to make a more profitable product.

Legumes (beans) are another good source of protein. I am not a fan of soy, mainly because it is 90% GMO now and if you do eat it buy organic fermented, products only. GMO’s are another concern here as the animals in factory farms are fed GMO corn and chicken meal (inedible chicken leftovers) neither of which are native to their diets.

Processed foods are now so over processed the nutrients are almost non-existent. They have flavorings and colors and some chemical nutrients  added back in but they are not real food. Only by eating organic real food, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, raw dairy and meats from healthy pasture raised animals are you going to get proper nutrition.

Quality is of the utmost importance. I would rather make a soup with a small amount of the more expensive “good” meat than eat a whole steak from a factory farmed animal that may be cheaper!

Submitted by Tricia @ Nutrition by Tricia

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