Negative Energy, Negative People and How To Deal With It

I consider myself a positive person, I am grateful, content and genuinely happy in my life. Holidays sometimes bring out the worst in families and try as I may not to judge, I do notice the negative energy flowing around and through my family. I just spent Easter weekend with my family and had to practice some hard lessons. I have two 90 year olds, one close to death and that is an energy in and of itself, fear I believe. I have a sister who is very angry, holds 40 year old grudges with many people and is a complainer. She believes her life is miserable because of everyone who does all these things to her, no matter how many decades it has been. I also have a niece who is deeply embedded in living a life full of stress trying to control everyone and everything. So I thought I would talk about how to be unaffected by all this negative energy as we have to spend time around it at times. It could be in your work place, your home or anywhere that you go. Our society is not living in a world of acceptance, forgiveness or altruistically. Many are selfish, greedy, and materialistic. That may sound harsh, but unfortunately our society breeds competitive, unrealistic goals in people. So there is a lot of negativity out there. When we are around negative people it tends to drain the energy right out of us. So how do we deal with such people?

     There is a quote in a book titled The Peaceful Warrior that says:
My advice and what I realized this past weekend
     1. Don’t engage in their negativity. Let them complain or gossip if they must but just acknowledge them and try to change the topic of conversation to something more positive.
     2. Practice letting go in your life. If you can do this then you are less likely to go away feeling all of the negativity that has been poured over you.
     3. Remember not to judge them or tell them what to do. You will only end up defending what you think they should be doing while they tell you all the reasons they can’t do that.
     4. Being kind and compassionate without validating the negativity is helpful.
     5. Focus on your own energy, imagine you are surrounded and protected by a bright white light and send that energy to the other party.
     6. If you need to go ahead and end the conversation, take care of yourself and limit the time you spend with this person. Be mindful of your own needs.
     7. Most important, stay in the present moment and know that their dramas are not yours and are in the past.
Submitted by Tricia @ Nutrition by Tricia

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