It’s Time To Take Back Control Of Your Health!

tvIn my last blog I talked about being attacked and bitten by a dog and how I healed naturally without antibiotics. While I was immobile for a few days, I made the mistake of turning on the television as I recuperated on the couch (I know, really dumb). I was astounded by the pharmaceutical ads, not only at the amount of them but the way they presented themselves. My first thought was how could anyone take one of these drugs when they hear the side effects list. Death is often mentioned! Next I could not believe the fear and guilt tactics used to get you to take all of the vaccines. The one for Shingles and Whooping cough come to mind, and the always insistence for the yearly flu shot. I saw one for a new antibiotic to be given to those with IBSD (irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea). Antibiotics ruin your bowels and would cause diarrhea, not help the problem and give you a chance to heal. If this is not a blatant way to produce consumers for life I don’t know what is. That is where they are coming from, not healing or helping people but making consumers for life.

The medial industry is just a business trying to sell it’s products at any cost to consumers, both physically and financially. It was reported on the news that most seniors take 5 or more prescriptions and to pay for all this they scrimp on their groceries. I found that fact very disturbing as a nutritionist. When you eat all the cheap processed food, you are setting yourself up for disease and suffering.

I do not blame the doctors and nurses, they do not know any better. Most of them are professionals that truly believe they are helping people, and only doing what they were taught. Unfortunately the institutions that taught them are totally indoctrinated and supported by the ones who profit from this business.

The most important thing you can do is educate yourself. Follow the money and see who is behind this and “prescribing” what is taught in medical school, and forcing the government agencies to go along with what they want.

It is time to take back your health and wellness! One great place to start is by going to My Remedy Shop where you can type in a condition or product and read articles and find products that will help you to heal with no side effects.

I will continue to write more about how to be healthy, what to eat, what not to eat, environmental and chemical toxins so you can be in control of your own health.

Submitted by Tricia @ Nutrition by Tricia

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