Dietary Oils: The Good and the Bad

We all know that healthy dietary oils are a positive addition to any diet when used in moderation. However, lots of companies make big claims about what their products can do and about how healthy they are when, in fact, many of these products contain lots of fat and unnecessary extra calories. Some oils that you should stay away from or, at the very least, use very sparingly are processed cooking oils; hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is loaded with saturated fat; and fish oil as found in many frozen, processed foods. Stay away from these products and choose healthier options instead.

Much better choices for getting in those necessary dietary oils include flax, pumpkin seeds, safflower, evening primrose, avocados, sesame seeds, walnut, and sunflower. Generally, the oils or seeds of any of these products can be good for your health and your body. Of course, not everyone wants to eat seeds all day and not everyone will like the taste of these oils. This is why many people choose to turn to natural health products that contain these essential and healthful oils. You can find lots of great natural health products containing your necessary oils at My Remedy Shop.

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