Christmas Without Consumerism

rubbishDM2612_468x446Here we are at the peak of the holiday season again. What can I buy for all my relatives and friends? Where will I get the money? There is a great solution for these questions, give of yourself with love! Do you have someone who has a chronic debilitating disease, give the a gift of a day in their home fixing things, changing light bulbs, cleaning out the refrigerator….things they can not do for themselves. Do you know someone with a special needs child? Offer to care for the child for a day or over night so the parents can do something they don’t often get to do anymore. Do you know a family that is so busy they don’t have time to cook. Go to there house one day and fix a great dinner that will have leftovers. While it cooks do their laundry for them. There are so many things we can do to help others and that don’t cost a lot of money or end up in the landfill! Think about it, what greater gift can we give.

Submitted by Tricia @ Nutrition by Tricia

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