Ketogenic Diet and Apple Cider Vinegar

Who knew, right! Apple cider vinegar is an integral part of a ketogenic diet. Anyone who is interested in natural health knows about apple cider vinegar. This ancient tonic has significant health benefits that can be applied to any lifestyle….Continue Reading →

Immune Boosting Soup

I have been talking about the immune system lately so I thought a recipe for a good immune boosting soup was in order. I would add shiitaki mushrooms also. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, once said, “Let food be thy…Continue Reading →


I must mount my soap box once again. So I was watching the Netflix new series “Rotten”, the peanut allergy segment. They didn’t have much about causes although they did touch on gut biome and being too clean, the farming…Continue Reading →


Just wanted to wish one and all a healthy, Happy New Year! My best advice… real food, get out in nature, sleep and pamper yourself, be your own best friend. The best way to take charge of your health is…Continue Reading →

Paleo vs Ketogenic Diet

                               Ketogenic Diet vs. Paleo Diet: How They Differ: They are two of the most popular diets today—and not just for their weight loss benefits. Both the…Continue Reading →

The Immune System

I have to get on my soapbox today after seeing ads for a new cancer drug that helps the immune system fight cancer. So it is common prenatal care to give a woman vaccinations, antibiotics, anti-depressants, fast food, junk food,…Continue Reading →

Apples and Pumpkins

 The strawberries, peaches and asparagus are gone, but the pumpkins and apples have just begun! I often talk about eating local, eating seasonally and eating close to the sun (food in it’s natural state, unprocessed or adulterated). I thought I…Continue Reading →